Portrait Project


ellie has her very own room

eloise: your mama has been very busy making you your very own room. You have always been near us, sleeping with us, in a carrier close to our hearts… but now you are crawling and pulling yourself to a standing position all over the house and all of a sudden, you are getting farther away from us then ever before, exploring the world around you. So now I’m wanting to create a safe space just for you. Somewhere you can play and crawl and climb and relax. A special place all about you. We’re still working on it but you seemed pretty happy with what we have done so far! 

*joining jodi for the 52 project

This week I loved crumbbums, oanabefort and those spring time flowers, and expatriababy and that beautiful head of hair!


4 thoughts on “Portrait Project

    • I love that little armoire. I found that at the Fairfax (L.A.) flea market many, many years ago. It’s gone through a few paint jobs and some curtain changes too. It’s a great piece of furniture.

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