Portrait Project



eloise: It was so difficult choosing a portrait this week from the fantastic shots I took of you playing in the grass. But this one stuck out for me for some reason. Maybe because after a long, tough week of teething upsets and restless sleep and fussing because you want to keep moving and not go to sleep at all… these moments in the yard were precious. You kept picking up leaves that had fallen from the orange tree and crunching them in your hands. You were fascinated by them and for once in the past couple weeks, instead of crawling and standing everywhere, you just sat there exploring. It was neat to watch and document and of course gave this Mama a bit of a peaceful and much needed recharge.I could have chosen one of the adorable shots of your smiling face, but this one seemed the most appropriate… you are completely engulfed in your important work of the child. Carry on and enjoy my love.Β 

– joining the lovely Jodi and the 52 project!

-last week’s favorites : this one was neat! I always look forward to seeing what Ruby paints, this week’s was a lovely red painting! And I thought thisa was a neat shot!


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