a brothers bday

 sunday breakfast

some music

moving things

We celebrated my brother’s birthday this weekend at my parents house. We spent time with family and good friends. We moved around some furniture. We prepped for Ellie’s upcoming first birthday party. We went grocery shopping. We took walks. We listened to new (old) vinyl. We danced to jazz and Disney. We made french toast with maple syrup. We threw balls around the house. We ate curry pork chops and sweet potatoes for dinner.

Ellie and I are getting ready to go on a little trip next week to visit my Grandmother (Ellie’s Great-Grandmother) in Seattle. I may or may not be here in this space next week. We shall see.

Hoping you all had lovely weekends! I’m off to pack!

-joining Amanda for Weekending!


6 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. looks like a lovely weekend spent with family – the best kind. enjoy your travels and your time with family this week!

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