This weekend was filled with good friends, lots of car travel, morning surprises to see hot air balloons and preparations for a very special someone’s birthday next weekend. One of my very best friend’s in the world was in town (he’s living in NY at the moment). Most of us hadn’t seen him in several years, so we decided to have a special brunch. He got to meet Ellie for the first time and we got to spend a wonderful few hours brunching with him and my best friends and their families. We’ve all come a long way since high school (some of us friends since elementary school) and it’s always neat to get together now. Mimosa’s and coffee are scattered between sippy cups and organic puffs now. It’s less about getting to chat and more about keeping babies busy and catching up quick as we can before melt downs occur. We are so much like family though, when time whizzes by and we finally do get together, like we did this weekend, it was as if no time had passed at all.  A fun day was had and we’re all hoping we get to see more of each other on a regular basis soon.

the brunchy brunch

dads and their baby girls

friends and babies

sister friends

all of us



We also wanted to make this  somewhat local festival but missed it with all the hoopla going on. So early sunday morning we jumped in the car and made it to see one last balloon. I was disappointed there weren’t more but seeing the look on Ellie’s face when she saw that hot air balloon rise was worth it just for that! It was a bit of magic for a chilly, foggy, sunday morning.





How was your weekend?

joining Amanda with weekending.


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