summer flowers


a lovely day


pink baby rides






new ride


making wishes


sundays cookies


oh daddy


love her stroller


happy bully


It was a quick, sunny, nice weekend. Jeff and his sister went to the Red Sox/Dodgers game so we spent the day with Gramma and Grandpa. They of course spoil their little grand baby rotten (i.e. new push car toy)! We had such a nice day with them! We discovered “noses” this past week and finding everyone’s (including the dogs’). I got Ellie’s hair pulled back in two pig tails for the first time and oh my, she is darling with pig tails! I think she thinks so too. Sunday was a lazy day with walks downtown, cookies and iced chai’s in the afternoon and a tired-but-happy-she-got-to-go-with-us bulldog. The house is in ruins and laundry is piling up. I have a long week ahead of me. But thank goodness for lazy weekends. How was your weekend?


-joining the lovely Amanda over at The Habit!


2 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. We spent the day from breakfast to mid afternoon with Dad’s twin, sort of, his cousin Joel and wife Kym who are the nicest sweetest people you’d ever want to meet which is why I’m so sorry I did not think about them when you guys were here. I have been wanting to get the two together forever. Hurry back, okay? Love your weekend blog.

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