Weekending: Labor Day Edition!

wabi sabi web

new pottery finds

sun tea

pool time

nestos back

new spot for balloon

sunday morning sky

sunny day

new chai place

walking with stroller


encyclopedia of animals

reader in a basket

gma in the box

grandpa reads

tri tip

yummy food

baked beans

auntie lindsey


yummy crunchy fudgey things

end of the day walk



the end labor day walk

A scattered set of pictures throughout the weekend. Jeff and his sister (and Linus our shepherd mix) returned from their camping trip up north just in time for the three-day weekend. Our days have  been rather lazy and chill (well, as chill as can be with an almost 13 month old). Hot days with the fans blowing. Lots of time in the kiddie pool, sun tea, yard sailing (I scored those lovely pottery pieces at an estate sale as well as several great books for our home library). Fantastic early morning skies and coolish morning walks. There were visits to new coffee joints and lots of reading books (both alone in a basket and with family). Ellie is practicing her walking any chance she gets. And we had my parents over for an impromptu Labor Day dinner, complete with grass-fed tri tip, potato casserole, broccoli and baked beans. I made some peanut butter fudge and fudgey corn flake balls for dessert and we ended the night with a wagon walk to help a certain someone fall asleep. It’s weekends like this one that remind me of the beauty in the every day. I am grateful for days like these… How was your weekend?

-joining Amanda over at The Habit!


5 thoughts on “Weekending: Labor Day Edition!

  1. what a super weekend! your pics made me feel i was right in the middle of it too 🙂 and fab new header! have a lovely week and happy september to you dear summer 🙂 xo

    • thank you! She’s been wanting to pick out her outfits these days and will usually go for the dresses. It’s too cute and really neat that she’s already forming a taste in clothes.

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