bday for harrison

bubbles and balloons


fun bubbles


walking walking


walks in the carrier


pink baby in the carrier


wearing pink baby



happy babywearer


sleepy girl

A low key weekend. Friend’s First Birthday parties. Lots of practicing the art of walking. Wanting to take walks with Daddy in the “pack pack”. Wanting Pink Baby to ride in the “pack pack”. Wearing Pink Baby in her very own rainbow wrap. Real baby sleeps in Mama’s rainbow wrap… Very Good weekend.

How was yours? joining Amanda over at The Habit!Ā 


10 thoughts on “Weekending!

    • Thank you for visiting my space! šŸ™‚ Yes, it’s a double rainbow. Love it, wish I had started with wovens earlier. The paper circular things are actually from a friends birthday party we went too. She said she got them from Anthropologie’s Wedding collection.

      • Oh cool! I want to make them! Yes, wovens are awesome! I only started using them with my second babe, although I wrapped my first in a stretchy and had an Ergo that we used a hundred times a day šŸ™‚

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