Just Write: This Beautiful Child Who Does Not Nap

we snuggle up together, she curls into my body and starts nursing, one hand draped to her side, the other softly caressing my chest. The hum of the fan calms both our bodies. It’s cool lying on the clean, cotton sheets. I have ocean music playing. Tunes to unwind and help little ones sleep. The wind blows the shutters open above our heads and a bright sun-gleam shines onto her face. I stare at my baby girl lovingly. She smiles at me between sucks. Her heavy, sleepy eyes perk open clearly and she pops off, flips over, smirks at me with a twinkle in her eyes and crawls quickly off the bed. A quick, lovely, peaceful moment… but unfortunately, no nap today.

wiggling feet

i refuse to nap, but i am cute


-joining in with Just Write today (I had written this last week but didn’t get a chance to post it. Now that I’m posting, I have a sleeping, sick baby curled up next to me).


4 thoughts on “Just Write: This Beautiful Child Who Does Not Nap

  1. I hear you on the no naps. I think Aerilaya stopped napping at 1.5 years old. Makaia is sick with a cold and teething so she hasn’t been napping (or even sleeping at night) for longer than 20-40 mins for 2 days now. I am so tired. Although I am finding with the second babe that I am use to being sleep deprived more than the first time around.

    Whenever they get up my first thought is ‘nooo I need you to nap!’ but then the cheeky grin makes you *slightly* less frustrated (oh but it wears off after a few days in a row of it!).

    I hope that both of you are able to rest again soon. Is she napping once or twice a day? Perhaps she is moving to one nap a day now?

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Ellie is unwell – big hugs to you both. Oh – naps and sleep – they are such a challenge, aren’t they? I wish they’d sell sleep/rest in bottles/tablets so that I can keep up with everything! xo

  3. oh, i hope she feels better!

    you know my first three littles all quit napping by 18 months. i thought i was going to go crazy or die but then we discovered come dinner time, they were exhausted. so 6:30 bedtime and i had a full night ahead šŸ˜‰

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