a glass of red


mimosa for me


this wonderful man


steak and frites





a little play


honing her craft of play


reading w mama


auntie lindsey guitar


avo festival


locally grown


fun in the sun


busy bee


still walking




funny dada




walker monkey


We were very busy this weekend! Jeff and I got out for our first post baby date. We wanted to celebrate our anniversary by heading down to Santa Barbara and trying out the relatively new Relais de Paris restaurant on State Street. On our honeymoon, four years before, we had fallen in love with the original restaurant in Paris. At the original restaurant, they served one thing, steak and frites and oh my goodness, the meal was the best thing I had ever had. We both ended up going back several times as well as visiting the Relais de Venise in New York City a few years back. So naturally, we were very excited for this date. My mom and dad took Ellie for a few hours (they came to SB with us and walked around and kept Miss Ellie busy while we lunched). It was so very nice and the food was just like I remembered it! Sunday Jeff, Ellie, Auntie Lindsey and I spent a very nice morning at the Avocado Festival. It was a fun, busy day with a fun, busy toddler paving the way for us. In between, we did a lot of playing (especially on and around our new table and read some new library books too).


How was your weekend?

-joining Amanda over at The Habit.



5 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. What a lovely sunshiney happy weekend šŸ™‚ Glad to hear you and Jeff got to celebrate and had a lunch date šŸ™‚ And hurrah for that avocado festival – yum!

    My weekend? Full and busy (if not with Bea and family stuff, then with work…hence and alas…no blog post done šŸ˜¦ … hopefully back in the swing of it more very soon).

    Enjoy the week ahead šŸ™‚


  2. hello! i commented below you at amanda’s blog and clicked over. how lovely you were here, i live in carpinteria and was at the avo fest too. (love the avocado’s but the crowds make me hide at home usually, people are great, i just don’t do too well in crowds!). your baby looks so much like my oldest when she was young, so sweet!

    • hi Lori! Glad you clicked over! Small world we live in… and yes it got a little too crowded for us as well at the avo festival. We weren’t there too long. It was also the hottest it’s ever been in Carp that day it seemed! Still fun. We had never been. Hope to see you around this space more!

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