Happiness is…

prompt 4/30

– morning cuddles from a sweet blond-haired babe

– hot chai latte’s on cool autumn days

– having parents who are always on your side

– listening to the practicing pluckings of a newly sharpened banjo player

– having my toddler warm and cozy against me in a woven wrap

– old timey records playing while I clean house

– antique markets and thrift stores

– evening walks and talks with my mister

– getting some time to read and write

– when Ellie’s eyes light up at something new

– a sassy french bulldog

– bookstores and fabric stores (and going into Anthropologie with some money)

– baby girl kisses

– hanging art in my home

– lying next to my husband at the end of the day and watching our darling girl sleep.

This is Happiness to me.


* Inspired words for November’s Prompt A Day!  


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