It was a stay-close-to-home sort of weekend this weekend. I did some deep cleaning, Jeff changed the oil in the car and Ellie enjoyed carrying around stuffed toys in bags and pushing around the stroller her Grandma and Grandpa bought for her. We tended to the garden, went to the market and sunday we went downtown for pizza in the park. I found a great children’s book to add to our collection and got a couple of hours to myself to go antiquing. Of course I came home with some neat ramekins for Ellie to explore (they currently reside on her table where she can put things into them, and dump thins out of them). It’s amazing to me how fast November has crept up on us. Even with California’s warmish weather this past week, it feels like fall. The nights cool down quickly and by bedtime, we’re all in socks and long sleeves. I’m liking it. We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year and we may have a whole lot of family in our little space. I’m anxious about it and excited. The planning has already begun.

home again




in her housecoat




raggedy ann


new book


lovey girl




How was your weekend?

*joining Amanda over at The Habit!


6 thoughts on “Weekending!

    • I had one too growing up but never played with her. Ellie is much more into her. I’m excited about finding the book. I didn’t know there were Raggedy Ann stories!

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