rainy saturday

wise girl

pineconebeach drive



a little blurry


christmas baby



It’s amazing how quick some weekends just fly by. This weekend, I found myself scrambling for time and still unable to get everything I wanted done. Saturday it rained, so we were inside for much of the day. We did get out for a chilly afternoon walk (and found pinecones). On saturday we took a drive down PCH to visit with some of my best girl friends and their families. We ate brunch, we played with blocks, we caught up on gossip. It was a nice morning. The chill has set in around these parts though and the rest of the weekend was spent in doors (or bundled up for walks in the wagon), battling ants that have made their way inside and a Christmas tree that I just can’t keep watered enough (notice the sad display of needles all over the ground in that last photo). Hoping next weekend doesn’t go as quickly. How was your weekend?

-joining Amanda over at The Habit.Ā 


4 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. Always goes by too fast, I think one has to keep doing a lot to make it seem slowed down. Yours was a very nice one or so it sounded but for the ants. I use some kind of organic repellent that gets rid of them like now.

  2. That little one of yours really loves the camera, eh? Always nice to catch up with girl friends and their families, love that pic šŸ™‚

    Here’s hoping your week goes fast so you can sink into and soak up next weekend šŸ™‚

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