An Afternoon Beach Jaunt

(Thank you for all the uplifting words from my weekending post. It’s hard to let go of some things when you have a vision of how you want things to be. Your words helped me take a step back and instead, breathe in all the good that’s surrounding me). 

When you are feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts and like nothing is going quite like you want it to, it’s so nice to have the beach at sunset to retreat too. Ellie and I did just that this afternoon, before dinner. We snuck away and walked together down the beach. It truly filled my heart with joy, watching this little girl explore the sand between her toes, find mangled seaweed washed onto shore and run (as best as this 16 month old can) down the beach and up and down the dunes. We left all the holiday projects behind. We left the sad, yellowing Christmas tree and the half-finished cards still waiting to be sent out and we walked down the beach. I chased my sweet, active baby girl and drew her name in the sand and showed her shells and pointed out the waves and the gulls and the beautiful sun lowering into the sea. It was a glorious afternoon. A glorious Christmas-time memory I will hold dear.



pure joy




look what i found


the sun




pink hues


eloise sand




back shadow




walking away


a feather


pink hues




playing in the sand


a bunch of sea something




top of the hill




all quiet


birds at sunset





8 thoughts on “An Afternoon Beach Jaunt

  1. Oh Summer what a lovely, wonderful, precious moment. I am so glad you got a walk in nature with your little one to refill your cup a little. Hugs mama

  2. Footprints in the sand……..wondrous and precious being with those you love……..moments of joy and discovery……….the perfect end to an ordinary day.

  3. This is so, so beautiful, Summer! This post brought a big smile to my face and I can almost feel the sun’s light and warmth…much needed over here in England where it is very rainy and gray.

    I have missed you and your space – sorry I haven’t been around much. Every minute of my day seems accounted for these days. I am hoping next year will be a bit less hectic…maybe after my yoga course?

    Big love and hugs,


    • I’m so glad you stopped in Renee! I’ve missed your comments here! 🙂 It’s fantastic you are so busy and doing so well though. I understand your absence. 🙂 Hugs and love to you as well! Happy Holidays!

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