Portrait Project



eloise: We are having a heat wave in the middle of winter. This week it got up to 90 degrees in our little beach town! We made the best of the dry heat and went to the beach- twice! You are really enjoying the beach these days. You grab handfuls of sand and run around wanting me to chase you. You are cautious by the water and I am thankful you haven’t wanted to get in yet. Just before sunset you sat down, breathed it all in and gave me a knowing smile. Now if only we can get Daddy to like the beach?

– joining Jodi for second yearly installment of the 52 project!


3 thoughts on “Portrait Project

  1. Don’t even try. Earl is not a beach guy either but will go for a walk and shoot photos. He used to paint from a few of those, but sadly to say, he seems to have given it up.

  2. That’s such a beautiful image, I can just picture you both on the beach.
    Aerilaya would always walk right into the lake, whether dressed or not, whether wearing boots in the middle of winter or not. Too much spirit!

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