more taro gomi

mister sun

its everybody


oatmeal play


dinosaur roar


sunset at mothers beach

gma and g pa



lazy sunday


play time with daddy

Lots of playtime happening around here. I finished some more Taro Gomi critters for Ellie’s felt board. Ellie did lots (and lots) of sensory bin play. Her new favorite thing. Mama got up early this weekend (usually Daddy gets up with Ellie most mornings) and made these pancakes. We had a visit from Gramma and Grandpa and so we took them to Ellie’s new favorite beach to watch the sunset. And Sunday was filled with football, pulled pork sandwiches (and favorite veggie snacks- peas and cauliflower) , more sensory bin fun for Ellie, lots of music and some light cleaning around the house to wrap things up.

How was your weekend? Joining Amanda over at The Habit!


2 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. What a wonderful, fun and busy weekend with making new felties and shooting great pics, having the grandparents there to go to the beach too. Ours used to be like that, sans the felties but we had some great beach days with Grampa Rogers way back when. Our weekend was busy. That’s all I can say about it. Love all the pictures. And the cute felties.

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