Weekending: Easter Edition!

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dying eggs

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easter baby

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A surprise baby sprinkle for one of my oldest, dearest friends!
Dyeing eggs while watching The Wizard of Oz.
I actually tried dyeing with natural dyes (blueberries, red onion skins and an assortment of green things like avocado skins, asparagus leftovers and kale bits). The natural dyes didn’t go over too well (except for the lovely yellow the red onion skins produced) so we added some food coloring for the rest. Next year I will try and be more prepared for dyeing eggs.
Easter day was full of fun.
I hurried to finish up my Maggie bunny from this lovely blogger’s kit. I had bought it a year ago and never found the time to finish it (until now). My bunny turned out a bit haggard looking (in fact, I messed up so bad on the dress, I had to dip into my fabric stash and add some different fabric for the arms of the dress). Despite it’s appearance, Ellie didn’t seem to mind. She seemed to love it up! (Ellie’s basket also had a lovely spring green play silk from this lovely lady and a few Ostheimer animals as well as some wooden eggs from here).
We had many egg hunts. One at our home. One at Gramma and Grandpa’s house with the cousins.
I made carrot muffins, asparagus and avocado salad (one of my favorite spring recipe’s) and Jeff made his famous roasted potato salad (from here).
We ended the day with a walk and a bit of kite flying.
A very happy Easter indeed.

-joining Amanda for Weekending!



We started out the weekend with a bit of spring cleaning and then off to the farmers market (it’s become our Saturday ritual once again, which we like).
Eating fresh strawberry’s.
Listening to local fiddlers.
And then off to Gramma and Grandpa’s house where we ran Gramma ragged climbing trees and chasing Ellie around.
Sunday morning I spent with a good Mama friend, making crafts for the kids (A Mama crafting morning). Ellie seems to be enjoying her color matching game. (Thank you Heather for all the hard work you put into these and for the lovely morning!)

Then we spent the afternoon down by the Marina with Gramma and Grandpa, flying kites, drinking afternoon coffee and tasting a bit of  ice cream.

How was your weekend?

cleaning house

farmers market fun

strawberry yum

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tree fun

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modge podge

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color fun


gpa kite

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iick of icecream


Playing along with Amanda over at The Habit.


more taro gomi

mister sun

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oatmeal play


dinosaur roar


sunset at mothers beach

gma and g pa



lazy sunday


play time with daddy

Lots of playtime happening around here. I finished some more Taro Gomi critters for Ellie’s felt board. Ellie did lots (and lots) of sensory bin play. Her new favorite thing. Mama got up early this weekend (usually Daddy gets up with Ellie most mornings) and made these pancakes. We had a visit from Gramma and Grandpa and so we took them to Ellie’s new favorite beach to watch the sunset. And Sunday was filled with football, pulled pork sandwiches (and favorite veggie snacks- peas and cauliflower) , more sensory bin fun for Ellie, lots of music and some light cleaning around the house to wrap things up.

How was your weekend? Joining Amanda over at The Habit!