New Pieces for the Felt Board

I realized the other day when Ellie brought me a felt Christmas tree off her felt board that it was time to make some new felt characters. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make for the New Year until she continually brought Jeff and I the book Mommy! Mommy! by Taro Gomi, to read to her. I thought it would be so much fun to make her, her very own “Mommy” and “chickies” to play out the story on her board.  So this week I went to work and last night I finished the “Mommy” and one of the “chickies”. They were super easy to make and turned out completely adorable. Ellie has been putting them on the felt board and taking them off all day. I’m still working on the grumpy dog critter and would like to make the barn, the sun and some rocks for the “Mommy” to hide behind. If you don’t have this board book, you have to check it out. It’s quite adorable. And obviously a favorite around here.

mommy mommy

the mommy and chickie

a work in progress

And playing along with Dawn’s MAKE + LISTEN today, we’ve been listening to a lot of RAFFI, (specifically this one) and we have this playing while we clean up after dinner to put everyone in a relaxed mood before bed.



8 thoughts on “New Pieces for the Felt Board

  1. So cute! I love both felt boards and Taro Gomi. Did you make your own felt board or purchase one? I’ve been thinking of making one for Connor. He loves the ones at Storytime at our library.

    • I did make it Melanie! Here is the post on how I did it…
      I think though now that she’s been using it for awhile, I would have liked to make it bigger (it’s a little bigger than an 8 by 11 sheet of paper). We just didn’t quite have space for anything bigger. Really easy to make though and there are so many tutorials on pinterest. Happy Felting!

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