Making + Listening

There has been lots of MAKING that I haven’t had the chance to document yet, so I thought I would recap what I finished these past couple weeks and what I’m still working on.

isabel's mountain

another view of mountain

A little stuffed mountain for a friend close to the Rockies. A little reminder for her that she has a whole group of women rooting for her through some tough times.

etsy doll


This is Edith. She’ll be the first “softie- doll” to go in my shop. Made from scrappy fabric, wool felt and regular felt and completely hand sewn.

panda shirt

And this is an old t-shirt I jazzed up for Ellie just the other night. She’s been talking about panda’s these days (reading Panda Bear, Panda bear) and the other night she was telling me something very important and serious about a Panda (in her toddler gibberish that for the life of me I could not decipher). All I could gather was that a panda was involved and was very important in her realm of thought at that moment. So I thought I’d make her a panda sleep shirt, so she could hopefully dream of her furry friends. She LOVED it and wore it all day today too! I have no idea how felt washes, so I may be re-sewing this little guy back onto the shirt after tomorrow.

sweet panda girl

oh sweet girl!

As for LISTENING: Ellie has developed quite the taste for very specific music. Daily, we listen to Raffi’s “Pick  A Bale O’ Cotton”, “Frere Jacques” and the “popcorn song”. And in the evening we listen to Steve Martin’s “Pretty Flowers” (you can guess whose influence Steve Martin’s banjo music was) or Dan Zanes’ “Basement song”. Don’t dare try to put on anything different than those five songs, or you will get a scolding by an angry 17 month old!

I’m still working on finishing up Ellie’s felt board characters for the Taro Gomi book and after Cory posted a link on her blog and I decided I wanted in, I know there will be lots of making in the weeks to come. Check out this blogger swap, I’m very excited about it!

– joining Dawn for Making and Listening!


4 thoughts on “Making + Listening

  1. Oh, lots of wonderful making over there. That mountain and softie doll are both so great. And the shirt turned out adorable.
    I am excited about the blogger swap too! Fun stuff!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  2. You are wonderful. I love the Panda shirt. And Ellie always looks as cute as could be no matter what she is wearing. (do I have to say more about Making * Listening?)

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