Getting Creative

watercolor beginnings

thank you card

cards galore

The new year has brought a sense of renewal and redefinition for me. I’m wanting to try things out and get more creative. I’m wanting to make more and buy less, I’m wanting to create and craft. This weekend I started a journal. I used to keep journals for years and then I started scrap booking in high school and my journaling ended up part of the scrap books. And of course like many things, as I got older I just stopped journaling as much until it got thrown completely by the wayside. This blog is a journal of sorts, I guess you could say, but I missed putting pen to paper. I stumbled upon this amazing lady’s blog a couple of days ago and fell in love with her art and her ways of journaling. She’s inspired me to start  journaling again as well as practice adding some extra creative elements to the mix like stamping and watercolors (things I’ve dappled in here and there but never really practiced). I stopped by the arts and crafts store this weekend and picked up a few things and went to work in my little bursts of free time (during Ellie’s nap-time, while Jeff played or read to Ellie or while Ellie was engrossed in an activity, which is happening more and more these days). I worked on my new journal and I made Thank you cards with ink and watercolors. And not only was it was so much fun but the cards turned out lovely. It feels really good being creative. I’m learning new ways to express myself and I’m discovering that fine art of practice. Practicing a new skill, especially a creative one is always good for the heart and soul.


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