My Mom and Dad got Ellie this adorable lamb dress for Christmas but sadly it was too small and none of the local Gap’s had it in her size. So when I realized I needed a present for my friend’s baby shower last Sunday, I knew exactly what I was getting her. That dress (in a teeny tiny size, because that just makes it even more adorable) and a matching sheepie shirt (which we ended up trading Ellie’s dress in for as well). I had been working on a little doll softie for the baby shower too but late into the evening last week, I looked at those sheepie clothes and realized what I should be making. I put the doll away and went straight to work on the lambie softie. I had never made a lamb before and used the shirt and dress as a template of sorts. It turned out quite adorable and even Ellie couldn’t let it go after she saw me taking photos of it. (I think I’m going to have to make her one as well, don’t you think?). The lambie was a hit at the baby shower and I can’t wait to see what other animals I can try my hand at.

lambie heart

the whole sha-bang

lambie close up

lambie pie

lambie pie 2

* Lambie-Pie was made with upcycled chenille, wool felt, regular felt and fabric from my scraps bin. She was all hand sewn and embroidered. And… I’ve been going back and forth for months now. I’m thinking of starting a little etsy shop with my softies, should I take the plunge?


8 thoughts on “Lambie-Pie

  1. Yes, time to give them a try as I have never seen anything quite like it, and handmade. Do it. I also love the pic of your lambie pie with the doll. Saved it to her folder.

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