Making and making and making…

I’ve been crafting so much lately that it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with documenting it in this space. I’ve been feeling a lot better these days and I think it’s showing through my art and crafts. I know when I feel low, I tend to not want to do anything creative, but lately, I’ve been doing all sorts of crafty things and it’s certainly uplifting.
peg dolls

I put the word out on Facebook and through friends and family, and have been inundated with custom peg doll orders (which I’m enjoying immensely).
elf pegs

I’ve also been working on stocking my etsy shop with some wintry kindness elves (although it seems I can’t make these little guys fast enough).
lambie pie with camera

I put together a couple little softies for some new babies. This little guy is for a wonderful new mama and her little one who has taken incredible family photographs of us every year since Ellie was born. She’s taking our portraits this week and I finally get to meet her little one (I made the softie a little fabric camera too).
lanas softie
I had my mom make this adorable baby quilt to match the hedgehog softie I made for another friend’s baby. I think the whole thing turned out quite darling and even though, I haven’t gotten to give it to her yet (I’m hoping she’s not reading this right now), I had to share it!
waldorf dollAfter

This is Cindy. I’ve been trying my best to research how to make Waldorf dolls. I think Santa might just bring Ellie her very own (professionally made) Waldorf doll, but in the meantime, I’ve been piecing this doll together. Her arms and body came out a bit wonky, but what fun she was to make. I even made her overalls out of an old pair of shorts I used to wear. I’m going to keep trying because I’m beginning to really fall in love with these dolls. (I had a slight doll obsession as a child and it already looks like Ellie may be following in my footsteps), so I don’t think she will be upset if more dolls (mama made or otherwise) make their way into this house.
Jeff's quilt

all done!

And the biggest crafting completion… Jeff’s quilt! I think I may have talked about this before. But this quilt was a long time coming. I had made Jeff a quilt a long time ago for his birthday, but it has been slowly falling apart and he’s mentioned several times that he’s love another one. Well, we stumbled upon this math and science fabric one day and he loved it so much, I decided I’d finally make him his  new blanket. I took me quite awhile to finish, but I did it. And it turned out wonderfully. He loves it. Loves the length, and it’s better made than the last one (I’ve since improved with my sewing skills). It’s his big, early Christmas gift this year. And I’m thrilled to be done with it!

So there you have it. I’ve been crafting away any chance I get. Ellie naps. I craft. Ellie is playing with Gramma and Grandpa, I craft. Ellie is at the park with Dada, I craft. Ellie sleeps, I stay up way too late and craft. I’m back in business and it feels good.



My Mom and Dad got Ellie this adorable lamb dress for Christmas but sadly it was too small and none of the local Gap’s had it in her size. So when I realized I needed a present for my friend’s baby shower last Sunday, I knew exactly what I was getting her. That dress (in a teeny tiny size, because that just makes it even more adorable) and a matching sheepie shirt (which we ended up trading Ellie’s dress in for as well). I had been working on a little doll softie for the baby shower too but late into the evening last week, I looked at those sheepie clothes and realized what I should be making. I put the doll away and went straight to work on the lambie softie. I had never made a lamb before and used the shirt and dress as a template of sorts. It turned out quite adorable and even Ellie couldn’t let it go after she saw me taking photos of it. (I think I’m going to have to make her one as well, don’t you think?). The lambie was a hit at the baby shower and I can’t wait to see what other animals I can try my hand at.

lambie heart

the whole sha-bang

lambie close up

lambie pie

lambie pie 2

* Lambie-Pie was made with upcycled chenille, wool felt, regular felt and fabric from my scraps bin. She was all hand sewn and embroidered. And… I’ve been going back and forth for months now. I’m thinking of starting a little etsy shop with my softies, should I take the plunge?

Making + Listening


ellies room


MAKING-  It has been a busy, tiring week of teething but in between the walks and the extra cuddling, I’ve managed to start another little softie for a friend’s baby due this summer and finish up on Ellie’s room (for now). (The Ellie’s room post will be coming next week).


LISTENING- We’ve also had a breakthrough in the bath tub department. Ellie has hated taking a bath for months now. I’ve been trying to get her used to it ever so gently, but it always ends up in tears (she’s just fine in the shower). Well, just last week I tried making the water a wee bit hotter and sure enough, she was just fine! So we’ve added bath time to the night time routine and it’s been wonderful.  While we bathe, Daddy turns on the record player in the next room and lately, we’ve been enjoying Debussy’s Clouds. A little classical for me and my girl.

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