Making + Listening


ellies room


MAKING-  It has been a busy, tiring week of teething but in between the walks and the extra cuddling, I’ve managed to start another little softie for a friend’s baby due this summer and finish up on Ellie’s room (for now). (The Ellie’s room post will be coming next week).


LISTENING- We’ve also had a breakthrough in the bath tub department. Ellie has hated taking a bath for months now. I’ve been trying to get her used to it ever so gently, but it always ends up in tears (she’s just fine in the shower). Well, just last week I tried making the water a wee bit hotter and sure enough, she was just fine! So we’ve added bath time to the night time routine and it’s been wonderful.  While we bathe, Daddy turns on the record player in the next room and lately, we’ve been enjoying Debussy’s Clouds. A little classical for me and my girl.

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