pink champange






lambie present

















shadow of the moon




daddy walk


Oh January… I love you so,  for letting me get excited about goals and gardens and new recipes of the year and projects I want to accomplish and books I want to start and lists I continually make throughout the month….

It was another slow weekend, so I tried to take advantage and get some crafting done and some planning done, as well as some organizing and cleaning. Saturday I went to a lovely baby sprinkle for a lovely Mama friend having her second baby. It was so much fun sipping pink champagne and talking about babies and birth and all that goodness with some lovely, beautiful friends (I made the baby a Lambie softie and I’m excited to share it with you in more detail this week). Sunday Jeff worked on bottling some home-brew and fermenting Mead. It’s his first time making Mead and he’s very excited about it. My kitchen has certainly seen cleaner days however. We have been picking so many oranges and lemons off our tree lately. I’ve been giving them away by the bushel. Jeff made PHO for dinner and we took a lovely little walk around the block in the late afternoon, looking at flowers and spotting the moon in the early evening sky. Ellie insisted on holding her Daddy’s hand the whole way. How was your weekend?

-joining the lovely Amanda for Weekending!










7 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. Same as always, breakfast out, then the co-op, and spending the rest of the day doing odds and ends, my favorite day, Sunday, but then comes Monday and it’s back to the start of another week, and I look forward to getting some real painting done, but miss the weekend already.

  2. baby sprinkle! love the name.
    It looks like some wonderful garden planning your up to! I’m excited to see what you have growing. We start seeds in just a week for the transplants that take 10 weeks (onions, leeks, celery). I’m excited! It’s so dark here though, I’ve been wanting to do nothing recently. It’s nice to restore.

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