purty flowers



beach side

earth fair

garden truck


up high

hula hoop

hula hoop 2


dancing queen

kt bday



g ma


Saturday morning was spent at the farmers market and then an Earth Fair down by the ocean side. We listened to a drum circle, hula hooped, bought Ellie an upcycled skirt and enjoyed some fresh pressed juices from a truck. A fun, crunchy morning. The afternoon was spent with Gramma and Grandpa downtown for dinner. (And we were quickly reminded why we don’t go out for dinners with our almost two-year-old).

It was my middle sister’s birthday on sunday, so we spent the day with her, in my hometown. A local production of Spring Awakening (my first musical outing since before Ellie was born), sloppy joes and birthday cake. Happy Birthday Katie!

-joining Amanda for weekending!


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