I don’t have very many photos from this long, memorial day weekend. I wasn’t feeling very well off and on throughout the weekend but we did have moments of fun. Lots of tea, some kite flying, some music and dancing and steaks on the grill and a visit from Gramma and Grandpa with a trolley ride. How was your Memorial Day?


kite flying

flower child runs

flower child


granpa strums


mama trolley

gma and gpa

-joining pumpkin sunrise for weekending!


4 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Blah. The days are so boring sometimes, just waiting to see more and more improvement with PT downtown and working at home. I’m walking and exercising with two lb weights now so maybe that will speed things up a bit as far as strength goes. It rained most the days but yesterday the neighbor’s young son mowed the grass so the sun must have stayed out for a while. Still chilly though, in the 50’s mostly, high 50’s, Have no idea what’s the norm each month, Time just goes by, and I never really know what the day is, except for reminders to be sure and go to PT on Tues and Thursday and then it’s Sunday and we go out for breakfast.How’t that for a blah weekend? I spent most the day remembering the young folks that never came home from the wars, all wars, and especially this looooonest one ever for us. When will people ever quit fighting and just take care of their own and live a decent life like you guys do? ♥♥♥

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