I’ve always been wary of bringing nature home. I feel so conflicted with wanting a piece of the nature to remind me of the beauty and serenity but also wanting to respectfully leave it where it belongs. As a child, I remember bringing home those special rocks I found and displaying them along a banister right by our front door. It was always a bit magical seeing all of those rocks and shells and feathers and twigs, displayed just so. As an adult, after reading about the fine art of wabi sabi and the happiness common natural items in the home, can bring to ones soul, I decided to start bringing little bits of nature back home with me from walks. And sure enough, seeing a smooth rock or some beach glass or a fallen branch inside the home makes me smile every time I see it.

When Ellie and I visit the beach, we usually pick things up, check them out and leave them in the sand. But every now and then we’ll head to the beach and I let Ellie take a few things with her when we go. For some reason, she was very interested in finding rocks and shells in the sand yesterday. She had her nature bag with her and we left with a hearty helping of beach rocks and driftwood. I’m sure some of this driftwood will end up back on the beach (we’re only a few minutes away to bring it back ), but for now, it’s a whole table of treasures for a little girl and her Mama to explore and enjoy.

run run run

beach day

walking on sand

water shot


found one

found one





wabi sabi


The Garden in Early June

the june garden

Things are really starting to grow now in the garden. We have an overabundance of Kale as you can see and not only have we been using it up in almost every meal we make, we have so much of it, we’ve been giving it away for free!!

free kale

fairy homes

There was a large peach tree in this space when we moved into the house. We were all really excited about the prospect of fresh peaches, but sadly during a storm a while back, the tree (which turned out to be very sick), completely fell over in the night. We had to have the rest of it chopped down. So, now it’s stumps are being used as a play space and for building fairy homes. Ellie and I painted some gourds from Halloween and will be working on creating a little fairy villa for our magical garden guests. (If anyone knows the best way to cut into a dried gourd, I’d love some tips- We want to make openings for our fairies).

raised beds

We had to buy tomato seedlings at the farmers market when all of our tomato seeds failed to thrive. So we’ve planted those in the back, then we have broccoli and yes, I made the mistake of planting MORE kale. And it’s already growing like crazy.


The hops (after being dug up twice by our dogs, thus the pen around it), are now growing at a steady speed. Looking forward to seeing those lovely vines trickle up the line.

library sunflower

We planted Ellie’s sunflower from a library craft morning in one of the beds, to give it a little more space to grow.

ca poppies

And Ellie and I sprinkled handfuls of California poppy seeds all over the garden and in empty containers throughout the yard. They are just now popping up! It’s been delightful to see those bright orange bursts of color out there. It’s been hard keeping Ellie from picking them.

So that’s my garden update for Early June. Looking forward to seeing how everything grows throughout the summer.



A Little Birthday Recap

Jeff turned 33 (a whole month older than me), a few days ago. We celebrated with dinner out to Pho, his favorite kind of food, and an evening rife with banjo playing and fun with the family. Grandma and Grandpa came over to help us sing Happy Birthday and eat cake and ice cream. I think he was very happy with his special day. Ellie painted some tissue paper that we wrapped Jeff’s gifts in (mostly banjo related things and a few jars of his favorite jam) and I made him his very own banjo-playing peg doll, which Ellie took to quickly and then made her own (she even napped with Banjo Daddy Peg Doll that day). Happy Birthday to my wonderful, dear husband. I am so glad I get to spend my life with you!


banjo daddy

its Daddy!

so funny

yay peg doll daddy!



happy Birthday Daddy















zoo flora


zoo baby






giraffe runs

happy dappy


watching dinos


giraffe on tree block

playing zoo

banjo sundays

It had been quite awhile since we had visited the zoo, so this weekend, we packed everything up before nap and headed up to the Santa Barbara Zoo for a morning of fun. The rest of the weekend was spent playing, catching up on laundry and lazing about outside, playing banjos, taking afternoon walks to the park and a little bit of painting and crafting here and there. Jeff cut up a large branch from our neighbors yard and I sanded and sealed them with beeswax for a little homemade set of tree blocks for Ellie (I’ll post more about that this week. I’m a bit giddy about our new tree blocks). It was a very nice weekend and a nice way to welcome in June. How was yours?