July’s Garden

fairy home

Fairy Gourd home, tucked in between some peach branches.

pumpkinsPumpkins, here, there and everywhere! I’m so surprised at how well these little Jack be nimble pumpkins are growing.

the hop

The Hop plants are growing steadily…

hop up up up… up, up, up.

corn in the sunblightCorn in the afternoon light. We are having so much success with this little bunch of corn. This week, Jeff picked our very first homegrown corn husk and we had a corn snack!

delicious corn

corn for EllieWe boiled up the cob and Ellie, Jeff and I enjoyed some corn, from farm to table.

the whole shebang

the whole garden!

flower garden

But can’t forget the flower garden (which needs a little more tending to).
lemon tree

Or the lemon tree! We have a lot of lemons!!

The July garden is lush and full of fruit. We’re still waiting on tomatoes to ripen, but we’ve pulled several lettuce plants out and I’ve planted more carrots (because the other ones did so well). It’s really neat watching this space evolve and grow.


7 thoughts on “July’s Garden

  1. Oh my goodness, what you have accomplished in the time you’ve been gardening and living there it’s remarkable. I’m envious, as it’s the kind of thing I always wanted to do but I chose to paint instead. I did however, grow a few cabbages (why I don’t know) and radishes, something else in Hilo and in the back of one of our many homes in St Augustine, just to have a garden. Tomatoes grew well here on our deck in a big pot for years but then not so great. That was the last of my gardening attempt. So proud of you and Jeff. Terrific!

    • Thank you! A lot of it was Jeff this year. He’s been tending to the garden well. Gardening is very tough! We have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I’d love to someday grow the bulk of our produce. πŸ™‚

  2. If you’ve got corn by now, you should have tomatoes. Do you have lots of green ones that aren’t turning red? Have you pinched the tops off? Go out and find the part that seems to be the center stem and just pinch off the top back to the highest branch. A few inches should do it and you’ll have red tomatoes!

    • Thank you for the tips Amanda! We will try that. I usually pinch off the tops but never got around to it this year. We’d love tomatoes this year, so I’m heading out there now! πŸ™‚

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