We headed downtown this weekend for an art show after the farmers market. It was interesting. Each artist had their pieces inside a POD and they were all placed throughout the downtown area. We got to see ukulele players and some performance art as well as take in a nice walk.
art walk 2014


ventura weather




aer pods

art pod

ocean pictures

painted pod

ellie pod

How was your weekend?

-joining Pumpkin Sunrise with Weekending.


3 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. you are lucky to have such a fun art walk, I know we have one in our tiny town but every time it occurs we have something else on the schedule. One day I will attend. Your little girl is just a joyful child! I love her expressive happy face!

  2. My dear sister in law and her sons and their wives visited, first over a Calico lunch, then here at our house for a couple of hours. It was just wonderful. Hated to say goodbye.

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