This weekend we went to Ojai Day  which happens to be a neighboring town for us. It was a vibrant, colorful festival of the town itself, with local artisans (@finchleystitches is the lovely embroidered art pictured here) and music, animals for the children to see and an incredible display of yarn bombing, that was just spectacular to see. The rest of the weekend was spent doing chores and taking it easy. How was your weekend?

Ojai Day

pat the bear

color fun

fun umbrella

finchley stitches











yarn bombs

close up



walking through

reach up

lift up

– joining Pumpkin sunrise! 


14 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. What an amazing display of colour!!! I can’t believe how hot it looks there compared to here, although we are having a very warm fall (no frost yet! a record for here!). Our weekend was spent being sick (flu!) and attempting to do the chicken coop.
    Next weekend will be fun though as it’s Makaia’s 2nd Birthday party!! (Pirate Princess theme! Just for Halloweeen 😉 )
    Have a great week

    • It’s been soooo hot here. I do not like the heat in the fall. So sorry to hear you guys were sick. No fun! Hoping you’re all on the mend soon.
      Happy Birthday to Makaia!! A Pirate Princess party sounds adorable!!!

  2. How fun! I lived in Ojai for a couple years while I was going to school. It’s such a relaxing place. The mountains are beautiful, the sunsets are radiant, and the people are generally nice. I miss being there. Thanks for taking me back through your pictures.

  3. My goodness, Summer! I just stumbled upon this and am so grateful to be included in your post! Do you mind if I link this to my Finchley Stitches Facebook page? The photos of your little one enjoying the “yarn garden” are so lovely!

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