Christmas Creations

I’ve been meaning to share all the holiday goodies I created for Ellie and for others. December was a heavy making month. I was making peg dolls late into the night for custom orders and then would get an idea that I needed to make a doll or I needed to paint something RIGHT Then! It was a lot of work, but so much fun. I loved making all the peg dolls I sold this year. The custom family dolls may be my favorite. I even did a whole extended family of peg dolls for a friend of mine.
lisas pegs

lisas whole family

alexs family

This is my best friend and her family. So much fun posing these pegs for pictures.
alex(photo above by WildWhimPhotography)

char peg


I made Ellie little tiny Charlotte and Linus peg dolls for Christmas. They are played with a lot. Especially since they fit in her new peg people cars and the airplane she got for her birthday.

The Snowman

I’m not sure if I shared this or not, but something I made and gave to Ellie before Christmas was this Snowman peg doll set. The book was one of her favorite winter reads and I thought it would be fun to make her a set she could use with her winter play mat. She’s still enjoying incorporating these guys into her play.

I also made Ellie a set of nesting dolls. I had bought the blank set here, and thoroughly enjoyed painting them. They were quite the hit on Christmas and are played with regularly even now.
nesting dolls

I did a lot of watercolor and ink pieces over the holidays. Here are a few…
reindeer art
char and buster
char and buster 2

And then I finished two more dolls. One baby doll for a friend’s daughter and one for my grandmother.

Made from felt and cotton and all upcycled materials. Her cowl was a thrifted tube scarf and her dress was a thrifted adult skirt.
luna body

peg doll pocket

I had to add a little peg doll pocket too! I love how she turned out. I’m learning a lot about hand sewing with each doll that I make.

The last thing I made before Christmas, was an art doll for my grandmother (Ellie’s Great Grandmother). I had been wanting to create something special for her for Christmas. She’s been such an amazing inspiration to me for many, many years and she’s also been my cheerleader for many, many years. I thought a special art doll would be perfect.
gramma doll
I used denim and linen and wool roving for her hair. Little bits and colors that reminded me of her style.

Because she’s a painter, I made little wooden paintbrushes from popsicle sticks for the doll. I was thrilled with how she turned out and I think it warmed my grandmother’s heart, which is precisely what I wanted to do.

great grandma

So there’s pretty much everything I wanted to share with you. I can’t believe I got all of this done and more, in less than a month. I don’t think I slept throughout the month of December, but oh, it was worth it. Making things for the people I love and even making things for myself, it’s the creative work for my soul.


16 thoughts on “Christmas Creations

  1. These are so cute, but especially your watercolors – I’m smitten! I was looking to see if you have an Etsy shop so I could possibly purchase one, but alas, I don’t see one. Any possibilities? I understand if they’re too much work and just for your family and friends, though.

  2. Yes, you most certainly warmed my heart with my very own artsy craftsy Gramma doll who loves sitting on my dresser near one of my early boat paintings, that matches the colors pretty well and she stays out of trouble there. I want everyone to know how cute she is and how very happy I was when she arrived before Christmas. Thank you again, dear granddaughter. You are so gifted, the winter paintings are charming, the peg dolls amazingly beautiful, cute, clever and wondrous. You’ve outdone yourself these past few months so don’t forget to take a break before you wear yourself out with all the lovely things you are doing for others too. Take your time, and remember you are so loved and admired by so many. Me especially. xogramma

  3. wow summer!!! you are INCREDIBLE!!!! they are all so gorgeous! i can’t believe you did all of that (and more) in a month!!!! i didn’t realize how big the first doll was until i noticed the peg doll pocket… how cool. i really love your sewn dolls too! you have so much talent.

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