Happy Bloggy Mail

It’s so fun to be so connected to this online community. Not only do I get to know some wonderful, inspirational, incredible women, but I am also lucky enough to receive thoughtful, lovely handmade goodies from time to time. I was tickled with joy when I received Jenny’s package after we returned home from Boston. A package full of goodies!

jenny goodies

A sampling of her family’s fresh pressed apple juice, a lovely clay handmade ornament and one of Jenny’s coveted hand-carved stamps. All wrapped up in lovely fabric. It was such a special, wonderful gift. Thank you Jenny!!! I truly was surprised and touched to receive all of this!! goodies

Ellie received some happy mail too, a couple of weeks before Christmas. I kept meaning to share about it here, but never got the chance. Another dear friend whom is part of my “tribe” I’ve talked about and an amazing writer, did a little swap with me. I made her son a playmat and she made Ellie a beautiful felt name banner! It’s gorgeous and Ellie was thrilled to get it. She was even more taken with the extra goodies my dear friend sent; a felt crown and a beautiful hand painted card! Ellie is a fan of dressing up, so this crown has had a lot of wear already.


silly face

Thank you Tracey! Your felt items and card will be treasured always!

What a joy it is to receive happy mail!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Bloggy Mail

  1. it was so fun making for you summer 🙂 so glad you enjoyed it all! receiving and sending happy mail is all so fun. it’s so wonderful meeting kindred spirits like you out here in blogland.

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