meeting sarah and lu



dance girl

ocean tide pool

beautiful day

daddys and girls


dada and elle



splashing in puddles

mamas turn


feeeling the water

sand hands

summer sandy hands

big girls

summer and elle

blue skies


going home

ellie in the light

It was a lovely weekend. Busy and fun but also slow and steady. Just what we needed after our trip back East. All the Christmas decorations packed up and put away. Laundry done. Windows got washed. Getting back into the groove of things…
I got to finally meet a friend from my online community of mamas. I’ve talked about this amazing group of women before. They have helped me get through the tough sleepless nights and they’ve become my best friends in the two years I’ve known them. But, I’ve never met any of them, until this weekend. Sarah and her family were in town and we took that opportunity to meet in person. It really was like we had been friends forever. A wonderful couple hours with a new, old friend. 😉
We hung out with my parents the rest of the day. Lots of dancing and banjo music.
Sunday we spent enjoying California’s tide pools with good friends. It’s always so much fun watching Ellie with her playmates. Her interactions with other children (especially her best bud) have developed and grown richer. She ended the night wanting to give her friend a big hug. It warmed all of our hearts. A great day. A great weekend.
Wishing you a wonderful start to your week!!


5 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. How wonderful… isn’t it amazing how much we can meet and grow found of people we’ve only met in text. What a gift to get to meet in person. I’m so happy you were able to connect this way. Beautiful pictures as always!

  2. So lovely you got meet another mama from the online community! I hope to do the same one day 🙂
    I love all the beach play and sunshine pics, it’s making me not want to look at the 40 cm of snow we just got and run away somewhere else warmer. Our tree is still up but will get taken down this week.
    I”m glad you had a great trip and are settling back in again

    • The sunshine is not what I want though. It IS nice being able to get outside with flip flops and a tshirt on of course, but it just feels off, you know… I want chilly nights and hot cocoa and blankets and such. 😉

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