Dying Silks

So I’ve always been kind of afraid to dye silks. Last year, I bought a big lot of them and stashed them away in my craft room, thinking I would create beautiful colored silks for Ellie for Christmas. Well, that never happened. Then one day last week, we were both itching for something creative to do (that’s when she’s running around the house like a crazy toddler and I’m just itching for something creative to do). So we took the bike and trailer and headed to the store for some kool aid. The grocer must have thought I was crazy, buying all these kool aid packets for my two-year old to consume. Little did she know, kool aid would still never touch my daughters lips (have you seen what’s in that stuff?! And to think of all the kool aid I consumed as a kid. Ugh). So, we went to three different stores in search of all the colors we wanted and then just went ahead and did it! And it was so much fun! And it was so easy! And now we are both addicted. She even asked me if we could dye some more today and we did! I know I still have a lot to learn about dying fabrics, but so far, I’ve had a blast and Ellie is enjoying the silks immensely! What more can you ask for. Have you dyed silks? Any tips or notes to share for us newbies?

dying silks 1
v day pegs
she did it
blue silks


12 thoughts on “Dying Silks

  1. How fun! Looks like your turned out very well. We dyed some a few weeks ago, with fabric dye, and they turned out amazing. The colours are so vibrant.They have kept little man busy, right now he is in a stage of wanting to “wrap gifts” to share, the play silks serve as his wrapping paper πŸ™‚

    • Oh that sounds lovely! I’d love to give that a try. We thought we’d start out simple and move on to the scary professional stuff! πŸ˜‰ I did buy some black beans and may try those this weekend.

  2. Well, that was worth all the wondering through the years and how cool is koolaid after all? I love them. Especially the blue-greens. You are such a talented gal. Must be genetic when you see what Ellie does. Wonderful!

  3. what fun!! i love them. i have never dyed anything. i would like to try though. i have this dress that i LOVE, and i spilled a huge glass of red wine on it when we went to the Caribbean… and we were moving around so much there that i didn’t get a chance to wash it until we got home. anyway, it’s 100% viscose… light blue… with a giant purplish brownish stain right in the middle… and i really want to dye it like an indigo… but i am SO worried that i will ruin it. i suppose i should just do my research well beforehand and go for it (i’m not wearing it now anyway).

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