It felt strange getting out of the house this weekend. We’ve all been stuck inside for so long with the bug. But, the strangeness wore off and we quickly enjoyed the chance to get out. We didn’t go too far. Stayed local, went to the garden center and worked on our garden and yard. When two-year old’s help you plant vegetables from seed, you end up with boxes full of random things, as you can see. We bought a wagon full of other goodies, more herbs and some milkweed for our front window to hopefully entice the monarchs. We had my parents over for birthday cake and a birthday re-do for Jeff. A nice quiet weekend, resting up and making sure everyone was well.

3 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. awww, toddler gardens… love 🙂 glad you guys are feeling better… that flu bug… ack!! it’s been getting everybody, fingers crossed for us!!!

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