Portrait Project


eloise: I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom and peeked into your room to find you laughing and giggling with your friends, “Bath baby”, “Polar Bear Cub” and “Lambie Pie”. You had gotten them all dressed for the day and placed them in seats while you made them laugh.

(disclaimer: The bedroom blinds string is usually always up away from reach. Jeff had been fixing the window earlier, thus why it’s placed so haphazardly). šŸ˜‰

-joining Jodi for the 52 project!


2 thoughts on “Portrait Project

  1. LOL! That is hilarious that you felt the need to explain. I wouldn’t have even noticed.

    My goodness, she looks so happy. Her smile (and laughter I’m sure) are so infectious. Wishing you a wonderful week. xox

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