Weekending: Father’s Day Edition

We had such a nice weekend. A beautiful, hot, first day of summer weekend!


We spent Saturday afternoon in Carpinteria. Jeff wanted to try a new brewery that had opened up down there and after a very late nap, we had all afternoon and into the evening with Miss Ellie Boo, so we enjoyed playing at the park and ending the evening with a visit to the beach. It was a really nice day.



Fathers Day was a nice one too. Because it was also the solstice, Ellie’s “summer sprites” put together a little summer time basket for her to find. Bubbles, a butterfly net and some other fun goodies greeted her in the morning. For Jeff, we made him a t-shirt with Ellie’s hand print and framed a sweet photo of the 3 of us. We headed up to my parents house that afternoon and cooked out on the grill. Ellie and I made my Dad a similar shirt (my hand print with Ellie’s inside of it, because he’s the grandpa). We ended the night with some ice cream and some music! A very fun weekend for everyone!


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