Night time changes

Were going through a transition around here. For the past almost 3 years, Ellie has gone to sleep, every night in our bed, nursing. We never really intended it to go that way, but it’s worked for all of us and so that’s how it’s gone. This week though, Jeff and I decided to see if he could get her down instead of me (milk). We have attempted to switch up the routine before with results we won’t even mention here. But, with Ellie getting older and weddings and other events that require me to be out of the home at night time (or gone for a couple days), we thought we’d start slowly and ever so gently, moving in another direction. So, last week Jeff started putting her down for bedtime. The second night, she requested sleeping in her own room (crazy?! I know?! ) and despite the fact that it takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours for Ellie to fall asleep, she’s still doing it without me, without tears and without milk. She still comes into our room in the early morning but every night this week she’s slept in her room till at least 2am! It’s been an interesting transition, with a few tears (far fewer than I would have thought) and some angry feelings about not having her beloved milk, but, it already seems to be creating a stronger bond between Ellie and Jeff. 

There are tougher nights and I sometimes wonder if we are doing the right thing or not. Especially when my weary husband finally heads downstairs at 11. But, were trying our best to be as respectful of her needs as possible while still making our needs a priority as well. A delicate balance. We are still nursing for nap times and in the morning ( in case you thought we were weaning completely, were not). She still needs Mama’s milk and that’s fine with me right now, but cutting out the nursing part of the night was also needed. Mama needed a little more breathing room in that sense too. 

It seems to be a new chapter in all of our lives. Our baby is growing up and hopefully this new night time routine just gets easier and easier. 



2 thoughts on “Night time changes

  1. Weaning is also a natural process.. Just look at animals, They butt the babies away eventually, noticed that with our Maggie when she had puppies. Get outa here she seemed to say, don’t bother me, grow up and eat your puppy food.

  2. she is so adorable! so happy that it’s going so well for you!! that is exciting 🙂 i never had the choice to wean… i always lost my milk right around the time my kids turned one. so that was always it. it was just gone.. no choice, no weaning. in some ways it felt a bit lucky to have all of those choices taken off my shoulders, but sometimes i felt a bit cheated too. you are doing a great job! glad you will get some time for you. 🙂

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