14/52 and 15/52

IMG_2011-1Eloise: this is a terrible photo, but it was an important day, so I’m going with this one. You saw your first feature film in a theater this week. Dada and I went with you as well as Nana and Papa. You saw Zootopia. It was a little scary (I thought), but you seemed to really enjoy the whole thing. You looked like such a little girl in that seat. Growing up so fast!

Eloise: My spunky girl. You are so very social these days. Asking waitress’ for your dinner, playing with your friends and usually “running the show, putting on shows for your grandparents and telling us detailed stories about your imaginary friends at dinnertime. Always chatting it up and always on the move.

-joining jodi for the 52 project!


2 thoughts on “14/52 and 15/52

  1. my nine year old thought zootopia was a little scary too! but for the most part they all loved it πŸ™‚ the first movie is a biggy πŸ™‚ she is so cute!

    • I was a little worried about how it would go after ward, because I thought it was so scary too, but now she’s telling me, “I can watch that because I watched zootopia and now I can watch anything. I’m not scared of anything!” We shall see child.

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