eloise: so very curious about the world around you. You are always soaking it all in. You tell me about Poison Dart Frogs and Island foxes and point out the thorax of the butterfly and remember things like that there’s banana man lyrics in Day-O and that Raffi sang it on that movie you saw a long time ago. It’s amazing hearing the things that you remember and know. Some days I think you might already be smarter than me.


4 thoughts on “16/52

  1. can you handle a seriously gifted child? I think she will not be smarter than her mom, but she sure soaks it all in. You’re the primary reason why she learns all that cool stuff. She’s naturally curious. Most kids are from birth as you know, but it’s scary when you have no idea where she learned something you didn’t know. All my kids were smarter than I was early on. Not fair. Adorable photo, good one, Summer. Love you.

    • I don’t think she’s gifted. But she is definitely SMART! ๐Ÿ˜‰ She’s quite the personality. But she’s also so much fun and enjoyable.
      Love you too Gramma!

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