Portrait Project Catch-up

eloise: some nights we take dinner down to the beach and enjoy the sunset as a family. You are a happy, little sand elf… jumping, running, buidling sand castles… it’s lovely to watch.

eloise: You are quite the nature girl. Picking up worms, climbing rocks, wading through creek water and appeasing your Mama when I bring out the monthly bird box.

eloise: You love to dress up like animals and princess’. You imagine yourself as something other than Ellie, every day. “Who are you today?” we ask. “I’m an owl named Juliette today.”

Eloise: I love taking you to different cultural events and festivals. I love learning about cultures and traditions and I want you to love it too. So far, seems like I’m doing a good job. 😉 (This photo is from the Carpinteria Dia De Los Muertos Parade).

Eloise: This halloween you wanted to be a Tasmanian Devil. You have been slightly obsessed with the T-devil Wild Kratts episode for quite some time now and so Mama made you a T-devil costume, per your request. I love that you can be a princess one day and the next, be just as interested in obscure animals the next.


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