Autumn days

It’s coming to the end of Autumn around here. (As Autumn-y as it gets in Southern California). In our home school group, we’ve been studying leaves, making leaf men, collecting leaves to make leaf prints, learning about the “parts of a leaf” and so much more.

We also had a lesson on mushrooms. It was a fun morning of exploring, sketching and learning about the different parts and types of mushrooms.

(the pdf’s of my “parts of a leaf” and “parts of a mushroom” can be found in my etsy store)


2 thoughts on “Autumn days

  1. i love the things you are doing with your talents!! way to find your nitch. i just love it! and what an awesome homeschool group. we have had a serious switch in the weather here in the last week… suddenly it is COLD. nothing compared to a lot of other areas of course, but anything below freezing is hardcore winter for us 😉

  2. LOVE this!

    like with Jenny, it is turning to COLD here now- the high the next two days will be around freezing, with nights in the teens and low 20s. yikes! (it was 60 yesterday….)

    I put together a week long garden/art camp this summer and had a blast with it, but I am constantly mulling over the idea of having a loose homeschool group thing once a week or so……. love seeing these posts of yours!

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