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Mama’s Reading: The Trumpet of The Swan by E.B. White
I’m a big fan of Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web (who isn’t?), but don’t recall ever reading this one. I thought it would be the perfect spring time young adult/classic this month. (I’m trying to read more young adult/classics this year- so far I’ve read Heidi, Mary Poppins and The Snow Queen).

I’m also still working on Hands Free Mama and The Dirty Life

spring books

Ellie’s Reading: Lots of books about bunnies and ducks and Easter and bugs.

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What are your favorite spring time books for toddlers? What are you reading these days?


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1. Just finished library book: Mary Poppins (I surprisingly did not love it).  2. Happy Mail, made with love and sent out on its journey. 3. Nature from far and near. 4. Happy birdie mail 5. Cup of mid-afternoon coffee and new reading material 6. A climber monkey 7. Home made Carrot ginger soup and corn muffins for meatless Monday.

What We’re Reading

This kid of mine LOVES books! She sits and looks at books in the morning, she brings me books throughout the day and she sits and reads with Daddy every night. I didn’t even know children this young could be so interested in books.

So, since books are a favorite of Ellie’s and since we regularly visit the library these days, I thought I would start talking about what we read together at home. Being a preschool teacher for over twelve years before staying home with Ellie, I know a thing or two about children’s books. And if you know me personally, you will also know I, myself am an avid children’s book collector. Let’s just say, Ellie had a whole library of books waiting for her even before she was born.

octobers books

What we’re reading this month:

Ellie in The Fall by Egmont

Meeow and The Big Box by Sebastian Braun

Wuthering Heights : A Weather Primer by Jennifer Adams

Where Does The Brown bear Go? by Nicki Weiss

MoonBear by Frank Asch

Autumn by Gerda Mueller

Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin by Karen Katz

What books are you reading with your little ones this month? (I’d love to hear books for older kids and even what you are reading too!)


* By the way, you can find me over at Anchor and Plume today as well, writing creatively.