balloon 1

dada balloon

dada balloon 2


happy face


ellie loves them


the train

balloon pjs

balloon pj 2

mama wearing ellie


lit up balloons


Wow! What a magical weekend we had (as you can see by all the pictures. I went a little hot air balloon picture-taking crazy).  We went to the annual Citrus Balloon Festival for the second time this year. Here is last year’s visit. Like last year, we thought we knew what we were doing and showed up before 9am to see all of the balloons fly. Unfortunately, we missed the 6:30am fly time (their website needs a little work) and only got to see two balloons. But, it was pretty exciting seeing just the two and we hung around to meet up with friends, check out the live music and take a train ride around the event arena. We were disappointed that we missed seeing all of the balloons again and knew coming back that evening was probably not going to happen with Ellie’s bedtime. However, after a very long and late nap, it seemed the stars aligned and we attempted our first “night-time outing” with Miss Ellie boo bear. While she napped, I whipped her up a mama-made Hot Air Balloon PJs top to wear to the Balloon show. And I’m so glad we went. It was so magical seeing all the balloons lit up. Seeing Ellie’s face light up and to hear her so excited was priceless. She told us when she was ready to go home, did very well on the drive home and fell fast asleep as soon as we got home, I’m sure, dreaming of colorful balloons filling up the sky.


-joining Pumpkin Sunrise this weekend.