A Trip and A Mouse

We’re headed to Boston and New Hampshire this weekend for a week long, little late summer, early fall vacation and visit with Nana and Papa and the rest of the east coast Langille’s. It’s been quite some time since we’ve flown with Ellie. We made this trip multiple times when she was a tiny baby, but haven’t flown this far in quite some time. I’m a little anxious about flying with a toddler, but we’re hopefully as prepared as we’re going to be and fingers crossed it’s a smooth flight. To prep this girl of mine, we picked up a whole bunch of airplane and flying books at the library this week. Ellie took to one of the books right away (Miss Mouse Takes Off– About a little girl who takes her stuffed mouse with her on a trip to see her Nana!) and because she has been enjoying the book so much, I thought I’d make her, her very own Miss Mouse to bring on the trip.
travel books

(I thought it might also make the flight go a little smoother with a special friend going along for the ride).

miss mouse

I’m going to have Miss Mouse all set up on the morning we leave with a little note for Ellie, asking if she can go along too (fingers crossed she likes her enough to say yes)!

Wish us luck on the flight please. And I will most likely not be in this space at all next week, except maybe to link up with my portrait.
Summer (and Miss Mouse)