Things I’m Grateful For

For the second year in a row now, one of my oldest and dearest friend’s and I are practicing a gratitude ritual. We email each other every Friday with three single lines. Three things we are each grateful for. When I first approached her with the idea I felt a bit silly. I had read how practicing a gratitude journal or something along those lines was good for maintaining a healthy, balanced life. But saying these things to another person felt weird, like I was bragging or showing off. But as soon as we got started, I loved it. It never feels like bragging, in fact, it feels humble to reflect on the things I have to be grateful for each week. It also brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart to read my friend’s gratitude list each week. I feel honored knowing some of her most treasured moments and it brings even more gratitude to my life. I’m grateful for the weekly reminders to be fully present in this life. So with this in mind, I thought I’d express some gratitudes here for the month of June. You are welcome to play along too. I’d love to hear or see what you’re grateful for this month too. Link up or leave a comment with your gratitudes.

mama sun

Getting ready for the solstice this weekend, the official changing of the seasons!

cardsReceiving thoughtful cards from dear friends.
new peg dollsCrafting out the time to create, daily (The Little Prince Peg Doll and Mini Mat and my Miss Rumphius).

truck girlA well-rounded little one, who enjoys trucks and dinosaurs just as much as she likes Frozen.
peg walk

The daily surprise of who gets the coveted walk in the stroller.
june gardenA flourishing June garden
cloverAfternoon walks in the park
with this childWith this spunky kid.

readingGetting to watch these two spend time together.
gratefulOh, I am grateful indeed.