We stayed close to home this weekend, cleaning house, playing with new toys, catching up on laundry (where does all this laundry come from?!), the dogs were given much-needed baths and I worked on a New Years project (I will talk about in more detail this week). I also opened those seed catalogs and started dreaming up our garden plans! I tend to get carried away every year with grandiose plans for my “homesteading garden”.  I made my new favorite lentil/feta salad for snacking on Saturday and Jeff made an apple pie and chicken with ground bacon stuffing for Sunday’s dinner! It was a quiet, somewhat busy, after holidays weekend. Looking forward to the New Year and what’s to come.



seeds and birds


lentil salad


playing kitchen




char clean


clean nesto


cat play


peeling apples


apple pie


chicken licken


Hope you had an equally lovely weekend! Joining Amanda over at The Habit!