on the town


trying produce

strawberry yum!

whole grain bread

sharing with daddy

yard sail finds

drive along the coast

beach drive


the tent


mama and boo in the tent

gramma and ellie

sick baby

the nest

reading with daddy


sick baby

The weekend started off nicely. We had dinner downtown. I was still congested but getting better from a long, tough flu bug (first bug since I was pregnant!). We visited the farmers market and Ellie tried out all sorts of good summertime treats. We stumbled upon a great yard sale (fabric and a new basket- always good finds!). We had my best friend and her family stop in on Saturday for an early dinner. I got a late Birthday present, the most beautiful, soft and cuddly and my very first woven wrap. I’m in love with it by the way and it very much came in handy this weekend because Ellie came down with her very first fever and a full on head and chest cold. The rest of the weekend was a rough one. Lots of nursing, lots of snuggling, lots of drives up the coast to try to get our little sickie to sleep and lots of reading books. It was so hot too that we spent parts of two nights down stairs in a nest we made with blankets. And after seeing this in a couple different places online, I knew we had to have one in our yard this weekend too. Gramma and Grandpa came to visit the little sick kiddo and cheer her up yesterday and we all tried our best to stay cool and relaxed. Hoping for a speedy recovery this week. I already feel like we’ve missed so much of summertime! It’s July 1st!  AHHHH!!! (and rabbit, rabbit, rabbit).

-joining Amanda over at The Habit.