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art show on the wharf

art show sunday

It was an artsy weekend!  The weather was dreary again in Ventura so we headed north looking for some sun and found it in Santa Barbara. We decided to spend a morning at the Museum of Art since Ellie had done so well at the Natural History Museum. And once again, she seemed to enjoy every bit of the museum experience. We didn’t get to take too many pictures in this museum (museum rules) but she would point to different pieces of art, “neighed” at the sculptures of horses and looked on, wide eyed at the strange modern and installation pieces. We even got to add her name to a children’s sculpture in the children’s art exploration area (and no, there is no 5 in Eloise. I stamped the wrong stamp).

We also enjoyed a nice afternoon at a local art walk (plus the sun was out in our neck of the woods finally)! There were all types of artists working on chalk sidewalk art, live music and other art vendors.   A nice ending to our artsy weekend. How about you? How was your weekend?

-joining Amanda for weekending!