spring is coming

orange bundt



birthday balloon

in the sun



mama on the beach

long day

It was a packed, busy weekend. The weather cooperated beautifully though and was breezy but sunny. There were quiche’s and orange pound cakes made for a girls brunch at my house. Wonderful friends came on saturday for a lovely day of chatting, good food and reminiscing. Sunday we got up late because of the time change, spending a nice morning walk along a path above the beach with the in-laws who are still in town and then hurrying off to a first birthday party at another lovely local in a park that looked out on the coastline. I finished another handmade owl for the little birthday girl and I think I’m getting better. They are getting faster and sturdier. The long weekend ended with a long nap for baby. It was a busy but lovely March weekend. How was yours?


*joining Amanda over at Habit…


9 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. I love your colorful pictures! It is another gloomy, grey, cold and rainy day where I am, so I will pretend to be living at the beach, ha ha. Have a great day !

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