spring is coming

orange bundt



birthday balloon

in the sun



mama on the beach

long day

It was a packed, busy weekend. The weather cooperated beautifully though and was breezy but sunny. There were quiche’s and orange pound cakes made for a girls brunch at my house. Wonderful friends came on saturday for a lovely day of chatting, good food and reminiscing. Sunday we got up late because of the time change, spending a nice morning walk along a path above the beach with the in-laws who are still in town and then hurrying off to a first birthday party at another lovely local in a park that looked out on the coastline. I finished another handmade owl for the little birthday girl and I think I’m getting better. They are getting faster and sturdier. The long weekend ended with a long nap for baby. It was a busy but lovely March weekend. How was yours?


*joining Amanda over at Habit…


Feels Like Spring

I know it’s only January and in other parts of the United States it’s snowing and freezing but lately, we’ve had beautiful weather and it’s feeling an awful lot like spring is here.


We’ve taken lots of walks partly because of this lovely weather and partly because we have a baby who is refusing to nap in or on anything but a carrier.

only naps in here

But this week has also been full of lots of outdoor time, open back doors, picnic lunches in the sun, beach visits, enjoying some good reads and a little bit of spring time inspired embroidery too.

open door policy

sprawled out


the wall o art

good reads



happy girlAll of this warm weather is making me think of planting and summer gardens and easter bunnies and flowers in the house and making sun tea. I’m excited for the year to unfold… but I know I really need to slow down …and take it season by season.